AT&T 8525 and Wrestling

So Sorg and I came back to his stomping grounds for the weekend to watch his nephew wrestle in one of his tournaments. The little guy actually pinned one of his opponents in like 2 minutes! Of course that happened before we got to the school! So we got to see it on video because his mom rocks and recorded it.

Of course I’m playing with my new technology (aka my new at&t 8525 mobile awesomeness!) and this guy behind me is impressed by the new phone he can’t help but ask me what it is and what features it has. So Sorg and I start listing the features. And the guy’s eyes widen with amazement with each feature that we list. And of course this makes me feel pretty special at this point considering that I researched and made the decision to purchase this specific toy relatively independently. Sorg and I were looking at the Blackjack II originally, but it seemed that it would be more hassle than helpful for me. Needless to say, I’m very happy with this decision.

The other things I have noticed differences with are the networking opportunities that I have recently begun to embrace. I honestly feel that my sickness on Wednesday really opened me to the twitter community. I knew a lot of the people I am following on Twitter, but I had the opportunity to interact more on Wednesday and I feel that interaction led to my being added by people who wouldn’t have necessarily followed me otherwise. After last night’s movie event at the treehouse, I definitely feel accepted in the community on my own. Before I was just Sorg’s wife, but now I feel as though I can stand independent of him at these events. I think he would even agree.


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