I have literary and smart people friends! Of course I mean no offense to my other friends. I stand by the old standard that friendship is earned. Sure some friendships just seem to happen with ease (Melissa) and others develop vicariously through interactions with others (Kyle) and yet others develop unexpectedly through circumstances and just make sense (Danielle & Adam) (Note to readers whose names may not appear…I didn’t forget you, disregard you, or have any less affection for you. The names used are those that fit the particular situation I was expressing. It also doesn’t mean to reflect that my other friends aren’t smart. I don’t associate with dumb people. 🙂 I just mean that although I share similar interests such as music, movies and general tomfoolery with those friends, I can’t necessarily discuss the societal impact and meaning of Pride & Prejudice with everyone I hang out with. That said, let me continue.)

Friendship is earned. I find myself quickly developing a good friendship with some of the people I have vicariously met through podcamp meetings. I knew that Dawn was a literary type person, and that Cynthia was another well-rounded intellectual type person, but they actually read and interact on what they read. And their reading selections aren’t always technology related! Which brings me to my point. I CAN READ!

And not only can I read, I now have people to get reading suggestions from. And I have people I can discuss those reading selections with! It makes me want to dust off my Shakespeare collection and pull out my English Lit and American Lit textbooks. I’m really stoked about that idea. Although it may make me sound like a nerd, I think I’m okay with that. I have missed reading. It seems like a part deep down within my soul was sparked back to life from its deathlike slumber. I didn’t necessarily realize that I was missing it either. And I think that may be the saddest part yet. With that said, I think I’m going to go find something to curl up with and read for a bit.


3 thoughts on “I CAN READ!

  1. Uh oh…Someone looks like they <>did<> catch Academia!Seriously, I’m stoked that you’re so excited, and that you’re blogging, and that your presence on Twitter has been like a fun bright spot since that day you were sick! Read away! I’m <>always<> up for reading discussions! I have a disturbing number of books that I’m reading all at once, and I’m always glad to add more so we can blather! Like I said… <>stoked<>!

  2. Reading is so 18th Century. I prefer to share thoughts via person-to-person neuron blasts.Welcome to the blogosphere. (Having now used that term, I must go soak in a bath filled with socially relevant literature…)

  3. How excellent it is that you’ve started this blog! I’m glad to have this place to read about what you’re thinking and to write back.

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