I Can’t Leave Things That Way!

I can’t leave things the way my last entry left off! Which means I’m starting to cycle out of the initial shock/depression of the situation (or so I hope). I do have things to look forward to as well. For starters, there is the awesomeness of Sorg and the celebration of his birth this weekend. And who could forget the whole Easter thing? We’ll be able to see family we normally don’t see. I’ll be able to do a lot of cooking and baking between birthday cake and Easter dinner. And who could forget the excitement and anticipation for the PodCamp meeting next week? Of course my enthusiasm (and my husband’s erroneous entry in his calendar) led me to believe the meeting was tonight. That said, I will simply take this opportunity to enjoy what I can out of everything. I think I’m good to leave things on this note. At least I feel a little better about it.


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