Fridays Must Be Busy

I have come to the conclusion that Fridays seem to disappear for me. Between work and trying to fit in everything possible from travel to meetings to simply catching up on things such as laundry and dishes, it seems that I am just not able to cram anything else into my Fridays.

Take for instance this past Friday. I passed up the opportunity to go out for drinks with my co-workers because I had scheduled a meeting for after work. Of course the meeting lasted until 11:00 p.m. and was approximately 45 minutes from home. By the time I got home after all was said and done, I was ready to simply call it a day.

This of course begs a question for me. Since I started blogging again, I have tried to stay the course and post something daily. Even if there isn’t much to say, I still try to put something up. I feel as though I am letting myself down if I don’t write something daily. Does it make me a slacker if I don’t update regularly? I’ve been down this road before, and when I say it’s “okay” that I missed a post or two, it becomes okay to miss a month of posts, and then two months and then I simply stop blogging.

Whether or not anyone actually reads it has not been the key point to my writing. I have successfully lowered my stress levels by posting. This is a good thing. I have a place to relieve stress, share my joys and generally get things out there. I am no longer “required” to keep it all inside for lack of a better outlet. I hope I will stay the course and keep updating!


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