Non-Service Industry

So let me tell you how much I’m loving Fox & Hound right now. We (Mike, Veronica, Chachi, Will and myself) came out to watch Judgment Day on PPV.

We haven’t come out here for the last two PPVs, but we normally come out and order overpriced food to watch the show. Tonight they started putting up black sheets between the PPV area and the general area. We didn’t really think much about it.

Then the waitress came around to collect the newly intoduced $5.00 cover charge. Apparently they feel the need to start charging.

Even better than the cover charge is that they apparently have one waitress servicing the 100 or so people in this section. Mike and I got here first, saved a table for our crew and ordered drinks. When Chachi, Veronica and Will showed up, their drink orders weren’t even taken. They had to physically leave our section and go to the bar to be served.

Furthermore, what if we intended to order food? Not once have we been asked if we wanted to place an order for food. The one waitress has not even come back to our table. In the meantime, we’ve been here for about an hour and our drinks haven’t even been refreshed.

I’m at a bar/restaurant. Isn’t the general purpose of this location for patrons to purchase food and drinks? Why then am I charged $5.00 to sit at a table parched and perhaps hungry? I don’t even have a “good” view of any of these 5 screens that I’m paying $5.00 to watch!


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