More Bad Parenting 101

Mike and I attended the wrestling event in Rostraver with proceeds going to support people with Cystic Fibrosis. Given the events of the weekend, I’ve been pretty much out of it for the earlier matches of the evening. I primarily came out because tickets had already been purchased and Mike really wanted to attend. In his way of grieving, I am letting him call the shots to get through this the way he needs to.

I get a very rude awakening during intermission. As I am speaking with FOTS Missy, a group of young boys crawl under the protective barricade and…wait for it…GET INTO THE RING!

As the first 2-3 young boys (the oldest might have been 8 years old) stand proudly at their conquest, more young boys are following suit.

Keep in mind the following information while reading this:

1 – The ring sits on some form of sheeting so as to avoid marring the floor. I assume it is either plywood or some kind of metal;
2 – The under part of the ring is a bunch of steel support beams, with two cross-sections going diagonally from corner to corner for support;
3 – The ring is raised approximately 3 1/2 – 4 feet from the ground; and
4 – There are steel chairs, ladders and tables under the ring, as there is a TLC match later in the evening.

So, we now have half a dozen or more boys in the ring and under the ring and standing at ringside, within the protective barricades. And where are the parents of these lovely children? They are completely “supportive” of this dangerous activity, standing near their seats and taking photographs of their future lawbreakers!


I abruptly end my conversation with FOTS Missy and head to the table area where the wrestlers are signing autographs and selling merchandise. The guy who put the show together happened to be at one of the tables. I approached him and advised that there were children in the ring. He gave me a blank look, so I again stated that there were children in his ring. This time I motioned toward the ring.

The promoter quickly went to the ring and cleared all the children from the secured area.

I continued back to my seat to apologize to FOTS Missy for the interruption and to continue our conversation. No sooner had I sat back down, than two of the children again entered the ring area! I looked at the one child in complete disbelief and told him he wasn’t supposed to be going under the security rail into the ring area. He looked at me, and without batting an eye said, “Yeah. They already told us we couldn’t be in there,” and proceeded to shimmy under the security rail!

I again looked back at the group of fathers, and they were again getting their cameras out, ready for more photographs! Not once did they make any attempt to step in and discipline the children, let alone make them get out of the ring!

You seriously mean to tell me that, as a parent, you will not only allow your child to go into an area which has been cordoned off for his security and safety, but you will also encourage his delinquent behavior by taking photographs? What is wrong with you?

In the event little Johnny Shithead would have fallen from the ring and broken his little arm, or would have cut his little hand on the wires under the ring, those very parents supporting the delinquent behavior would have immediately turned to “concerned” parents. Those same parents would have then blamed the event coordinator for the injuries instead of their own poor parenting skills!

Is it seriously any wonder what is wrong with the youth of America? They need parents who will…well…PARENT!


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