Random Thought of the Day – MacGyver vs Indiana Jones

I can’t help but think of MacGyver for whatever reason as I watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. This of course gets me thinking about which one I would prefer to have with me in a time of crisis. My thoughts to that regard are as follows:


1. MacGyver can make just about anything out of duct tape and whatever he happens to have in his pockets. This is a good thing. In various situations, this can come in handy. Take for instance if we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. MacGyver could create a radio communication device to alert people to our whereabouts. He could create a vehicle out of some spare parts of other things lying around. It goes without saying that Mac would definitely be handy in any situation.

2. Indiana Jones may be just as smart as MacGyver. Although he doesn’t necessarily create and invent fun tools that could be used to get us out of a particular situation, he tends to think outside the box and gets the job done. And his bullwhip comes in handy for fighting situations as well as for other things like hanging onto the back of a truck or swinging across a gaping hole in the earth.


1. MacGyver isn’t very physical. If it were to come down to hand-to-hand combat, I’m afraid things may not bode so well for Mac. Hence the reason that he generally avoids confrontation by creating things. Additionally, a lot of MacGyver’s handiwork relies upon items that he has around him. If we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, it may be difficult to utilize sand or water or some other “barren” location for the best possible outcome.

2. Indiana Jones relies a lot upon circumstance. I’m not certain that I could comfortably rest my laurels on that knowledge. If I am stuck in an ancient tomb, I would definitely want to know that there is a reasonable route of escape. I wouldn’t want to be stuck there, not certain whether I was taking my last breaths making an attempt for escape where none is possible.

Any way I look at it, I guess I would be in good hands either way. If I absolutely had to choose, I think I would go with Indy. His desire and perseverence to succeed keeps him going. He doesn’t give up, and works to find a way out no matter what the circumstances. Add to that the fact that he usually carries a gun and a whip, and can fight decently leads me to believe he could kick some serious ass if the situation arose. Ultimately, I think I could live longer with Indy as my guide. No offense to MacGyver by any means, I still think he’s just as awesome.


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