Holy Violence Batman

That’s what she said…It is interesting how a random comment on Twitter can evolve into a full-blown twitter conversation filled with violence and adultery.

Now that I have you thoroughly confused, let me bring you up to speed.

Per my previous post about pregnant women at hip-hop shows, this evening is nothing different. There were two that I could count tonight. The first appeared to be no older than 17. This prompted a Twitter comment from me that “17-year-olds should not be pregnant! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Veronica followed up my Twitter comment with the comment “I AGREE! *curb stomp*” Needless to say, the conversation quickly turned to curb stomping hoochies. Included in this conversation are myself, Veronica, Mad Mike and Missy. The culmination of the conversation is a comment by Mad Mike directed to my husband indicating “I think I’m in love with your wife.”

So, does this make me a good person or a bad person? Obviously I wouldn’t actually act upon my anger to the point of curb stomping anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. But, it makes one realize that our personas in an environment where we are not necessarily restricted by the normal laws governing men can change drastically.

In real life, I consider myself to be organized, methodical, somewhat quiet and (believe it or not) shy. I’ve never been one to openly engage in conversation with strangers. I normally keep to myself in social settings, and try to avoid social settings. Although I have tried to force myself to be more open in social settings, there are parts of me that still shy away.

This is not the case with my online persona. The name rebelliousflaw often begs questions such as “What does that mean?” Well, I take it to mean that even though I try to be rebellious, I don’t always succeed because of my predetermined nature to be quiet and fairly reserved. I also take it to define the fact that I don’t fit the normal, pre-designated, cookie-cutter profiles. All throughout my life, I have been a floater…someone who gets along with all of the various social classes. I was the one in high school that could be found hanging out with the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, the nerds, the loners, the stoners and everyone else in between. The same pretty much holds true through present.

Online, I have found that I can be the outgoing person that I sometimes wish I was. And, I don’t seem to mind whether or not I offend people. My first conversation via Twitter was on a day that I was running a fever, and had stayed home from work. In my delirium, I was mixing up messages. At one point, I made a comment that a girl I barely knew was the Cheshire Cat, and was in heat. Apparently this comment was a major ice breaker.
Much like the conversation referenced above from this evening, I realize how vulgar and completely impromptu I can be when I apparently think that no one is watching. To that regard, as long as I can hide behind my “anonymous” screen name, I am completely content to threaten bodily harm to people I don’t even know.


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