So I have a new cat. As Mickey was my cuddler, I realized that a cuddly cat is the type of cat that I need. Daisy is okay, but she only cuddles when she wants to. A couple of friends knew of a cat that could use a good home. So, operation Rescue Kitty developed.

I received photographs so I could see what he looked like. When I first saw him, he looked to me like a Sampson. Althouh his previous “owners” (I’ll get to this in just a moment.) named him Troy, he didn’t look like a Troy to me.

With regard to the previous “owners” thing…apparently Sam and his siblings were previously cared for (and I use the term “cared” very loosely) by my friends’ neighbors. They decided one day that they would no longer have any responsibility for the poor thing. So…Sam found himself out in the streets.

Uncle and Mrs. Crappy in turn found themselves with a new friend who wanted to be loved. As they weren’t looking for a new addition to their family. They fed him and provided him with basic needs, and put a message out that they were looking for a good home for the little guy. Mike and I talked about it, and decided to take him in.

A time and place was set for the swap. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to my father’s health and an unexpected trip to Buffalo. So, we rescheduled, and we rescheduled again, and perhaps a fourth time as well.

Last weekend was finally the right time, with everyone’s availability synchronizing. Mike and I met Uncle Crappy at his place of employment, and the cat was stealthily swapped in the parking lot.

When we got him home, Daisy wanted nothing to do with him. Bijou wanted to check him out, but he wanted nothing to do with her. So, Sam spent the first few hours under the buffet cabinet in the dining room. I curled up on the floor and talked with him. He would sneak out from under the buffet, just long enough for me to pet him for a few moments. Then he would run back under the buffet.

He finally came out from his hiding place and I decided to allow him access to the basement until he became more comfortable with the rest of the house. So, we hung out downstairs in the basement. He curled up beside me on the sofa and fell asleep. I knew at that point that we’d be okay. It would just take time.

Throughout his stay, thus far, he would allow me to pet him, even approaching me for some love and affection. But, he would not jump up to sit with me of his own accord. I either had to place him there, or coax him. This morning, he actually jumped up in the chair with me, of his own accord. He even hung out for a little bit before breakfast. He even let me take this picture this morning. So, I think things are going to be just fine. And, I’m glad I could offer him a good home, where he can be happy.


3 thoughts on “Sampson

  1. I am <>so<> happy Sammy’s getting comfortable in his new house. And I’m glad we all figured he’d be the right cat for you…

  2. I’m glad he found his way to you – he’s clearly better off. I once abetted a dognapping when our crackhead neighbors took to tying their puppy outside on a 4 foot rope with no food and water. And in the tiny, three foot space between apartment buildings. All day and night – rain or shine. He’s better off, too.

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