Stupid Man

So how is it that the man I’ve spent so much time lamenting over for the last year can be so stupid? We’re all aware at this point of the issues going on with my father. Things were starting to look up for him to the extent that he received notification of his approval to receive Social Security benefits. Although he’s not happy about the idea of being old enough/ill enough to need them, he is relieved that there will be some form of income with which to pay bills that have gone relatively unpaid for the better part of the year.

Out of the blue I have the sudden urge to call home this evening. My mom answers the phone and tells me she will have to call me back. About 10 minutes later my father calls me back. He is winded and having a hard time talking. I ask him what’s going on, and he asks me to hang on a minute because he needs to take another Nitro tablet. Another? Another? Seriously?

So, I of course ask him how many he’s taken. His response….”This will be my third.” Your third? WTF Dad? The pains must be bad if he’s taking that much. And, the doctors have told him numerous times that if he needs to take a third, his next stop should be the emergency room, by ambulance.

I of course ask where Mom is, because Dad won’t take himself to the hospital or call an ambulance. So, I want to make sure Mom is aware of what’s going on. Dad informs me she is in the bathroom. I knew that she knew what was going on with Dad, but she won’t push the issue until he says he’s ready to go to the hospital. So, she’s getting cleaned up and dressed, ready to take him, just in case.

Dad insists he’s fine and that he’ll have Mom call when she gets out of the bathroom. I get off the phone and call my aunt, as she is on the ambulance squad. She is already in bed, but my uncle answers the phone. I ask him to call an ambulance for my dad. To which his response is that Dad has already called and been talking to him. He told Dad that he should go to the hospital. Uncle Bill then advises me that he won’t call an ambulance, because if the ambulance shows up and Dad denies treatment, it’s been a wasted trip and it pisses Dad off.

So I call Dad back. Mom is still in the bathroom. He gets off the couch and all I hear is labored breathing, a few moments and the knock on the bathroom door. Mom then asks, “What’s wrong? What’s happening?” Dad responds in very labored breaths, “Nothing. Just chest pains.” Mom gets on the phone and says that Dad’s probably close to giving her the go ahead to take him to the emergency room, and that she has to go.

Does Dad not realize that his delay in going to the hospital only causes more concern and worry for Mom and the rest of the family? And he wonders why I get mad at him when he does stupid things, like mowing for 9 hours without a break and not going to the emergency room when he’s having chest pains.


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