I am free to roam about…

And by that statement, I mean that I am free to roam about without having to worry about a lack of internet connection. As long as I have cell phone reception, I will have internets.

I got my AT&T 8525 some time ago. I have been reading about the capability of using the phone as a modem, but have been unable to actually use it as such…until today!

Whenever I was trying to set my phone up as a modem before, I was trying to go through my computer network settings. Hence my error.

As if someone turned on the proverbial light switch in my brain, I decided today to attempt it through my phone settings. So, I stumbled through my settings, happened upon the correct folder and started randomly resetting connection types. I figured that if I completely screwed something up, that I could easily reinstall to fix the problem if I needed to.

The first attempt failed miserably. So I went back in and set the connection to a different combination. And boy was it the right one! This will officially be my first blog from a remote location where Wi-Fi has not been available. This also means that I have things to actually do while I am at CRAP shows in the future. (The downside is that this also means that when I see silly preggers in front of the speakers, all of you lucky readers will be able to read about it sooner!)


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