To Tattoo Too

So that’s a little bit of a tongue twister. But it has been a BIG question that occasionally pops into my conscious stream of thought, like it seems to be doing right now. I blame the most recent influx of tattooing thoughts on Chachi, as he recently got another set of tattoos. This set is specifically a power button insignia and the tri-force insignia, on both of his hands between his thumb and forefinger.

I have always liked tattoos. They’re a way for an individual to further express themselves above and beyond clothes, hairstyle, etc. But…they’re permanent. If you’re going to get a tattoo, it’s a lifelong commitment.

A lot of people, Chachi included, put the required thought and effort into their tattoos. For them, each tattoo has a story, a history, a meaning. Their tattoo then becomes a part of that history, like a living story book.

But, there are some people out there who treat tattoos like jewelry. They get something because the mood strikes them in that very moment and then live to regret it later. I love people who get the name of their significant other tattooed on them. When the relationship goes south, they’re stuck with a tattoo which now, not only reminds him or her of this person they no longer have any correlation in life to, but also advises prospective new love interests that they will forever have to stare at this other person’s name etched into your skin.

The cool thing about Chachi’s recent tattoos is that they definitely signify his love of video games (The Legend of Zelda series specifically) and his love of computers. My concern for him is that these tattoos are on his hands. Chachi works in a semi-professional setting. He’s young and could easily determine to go into another line of work. Did he think this through when he decided to tattoo his hands, which can’t easily be concealed during a job interview, for instance?

Chachi has already indicated that he will probably wind up using makeup to cover the tattoos for interview and professional purposes when the need arises. But that’s additional time and money that he will need to expend in concealer to cover it. Add to that shaking a prospective employer’s hand and having it smudge, either revealing the tattoo or smearing makeup all over the person conducting the interview. It just seems to be more of a hassle than I would want to go through.

On the flipside of this argument is that tattoos are meant to be seen. So what’s the use of getting a tattoo if you have to hide it? You spend a lot of money and a lot of time between choosing and/or designing the perfect tattoo and actually having it done. In doing so, one would think that you would want to share the tattoo with the world. Heck, after you get it done, you normally go to close friends and relatives and say “See what I got!” after you leave the tattoo parlor anyhow.

I have had plenty of opportunities to get a tattoo. And, each time I have spent more time analyzing the decision because of the arguments above. I would love to have a tattoo myself, but I realize that it would have to be concealed 90% of the time because of work. I have the same argument about facial piercings. I would love to have my eyebrow, lip or nose pierced. But, I know that in my professional work setting, it would be frowned upon.

To that resove I find mysef sweeping this conversation back under the rug. I know it’ll come back up at some point in the future. It always does. Who knows, maybe then I’ll be working for myself and won’t have to worry about upholding business appearance requirements and will be able to actually get that tattoo or piercing I’ve always wanted.


3 thoughts on “To Tattoo Too

  1. The makeup would be non smudging. The have concealer for tattoos that doesnt smudge on purpose. Also im a it guy. there is very little need for me to be in a professional setting when they always stash me in the basement

  2. Mr. Husband has a tat of the Grim Reaper on one of his arms, and that alone is why I have none. He’s going to feel plenty stupid enough for the both of us when he’s old and crinkly and the Grim Reaper starts to look like George Burns using a scythe as a cane.

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