I married a 6’4" 5-year-old…

For those of you who may not necessarily know me, this guy in the picture is my husband Mike. And if you look very closely to the above picture, you will notice that he has a deathgrip on a Transformers pillow.

It is also key to note that Mike is 27 years old (physically at least) and stands at a rather tall 6’4″. It simply amazes me when we go to the store and his first stop is either toys or electronics. I can leave him in electronics, in front of the video games, and walk away for hours at a time if I wanted to. And, when I need to find him after I am done with the shopping, I know I can return to the video games to find him still entertaining himself with the demo games they have set up.
Today turned out to be one of those types of days. In all actuality, I stopped at the children’s bedding display to obtain photographs for a friend of mine who has a special kind of appreciation for the following characters:

This is of course Dora (a/k/a Dora the Whora)….and her pal Diego (Diego doesn’t have an a/k/a….yet).

As I turned to walk toward the registers, that’s when I found Mike holding the Transformers pillow. Part of me wonders if all wives go through this sort of thing with their husbands. Then I think about some of the other wives that I know and realize that the answer is yes. But at least I’m not alone, and that is a good thing to know.


3 thoughts on “I married a 6’4" 5-year-old…

  1. I hate that bitch Dora. Just so we’re clear.Waaaaay back in the day when it was just Mr. Husband and I, I used to think the need to hang out in electronics for two hours was annoying. Now that he has an accomplice who is more than happy to play “Where’s Waldo” with Dora and the Disney Princesses in every reakin’ aisle, I’m ready to just start dropping them off at Target and take a nice 4-hour nap while they finish looking around.

  2. BurghBaby – I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw the pillow! I know your hatred, and I think that’s why I couldn’t help myself.I am glad to hear that things won’t get any better, but may adopt your idea of dropping him off for a few hours and taking the time for myself to nap or do whatever. Thanks.

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