what was i thinking?!?!

While on my voyages through friends’ blogs, I strolled across a post on Mike’s blog which continued his “I Remember” series. While reading through the blog entry I came across a link to Mike’s history book, which includes various pages of various friends and events throughout his high school life, including a page devoted to me.

Looking at the page, I can’t help but immediately laugh. Why would I have thought that a statement such as “I’m like a kitten. I like to snuggle, nibble, sleep, and I purr” would be a good thing to have apparently forever etched on the internet? In my defense, I cannot recall whether I specifically intended this quote to be included at the top of the page or if it was a quote which just happened to be included by Mike. (I’m hoping for the latter.)

What does that statement even mean? Was this supposed to be something schmoopy? Was it supposed to be something sexy? Was it supposed to be something quirky? I have absolutely no idea. The only thing I do know is that either way I look at it, I can’t help but laugh.


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