Con on the Cob

Needless to say, this has been a different experience for me. I have hung out with people I probably wouldn’t have spent time with otherwise.

Granted, I have attended comicons before (okay…maybe 1 that I can recall), but being on this side of the booth has a different life.

On the other side of the booth one can freely wander about and look at all the shiny objects. If you have money set aside (which the majority of people do) you find that special shiny object which you absolutely must have, and which you may not have access to through other means. But you get to decide which booth will have the pleasure of obtaining your treasure in return for said shiny object.

On this side of the booth, you pretty much get to sit and people watch or occupy your time through some other means…all while trying to attract a patron’s attention with your wares.

I am not a pushy salesperson. If my life absolutely depended upon whether or not I sold some of this merch, you better believe I’ll hardsell my little butt off. But it doesn’t. And I know that it doesnt. Honestly, I hate when people hardsell me. It’s one of the reasons I tend to stay away from specialty shops where people follow you around to “offer” assistance. Knowing that I hate hardsells, I generally tend to not hardsell others.

In my short stint at the Disney Store (by short I mean I worked there not even a week), I learned about the commission thing. We were required to upsell items. If we didn’t try to upsell, it counted against us and we would get a negative review. The example during training was that if someone came in looking for Disney Princess underwear, offer them Disney Princess socks too. Then offer them the Disney Princess pajamas, and the Disney Princess shirts, and the Disney Princess costumes, and the list goes on. For a person who stopped in to buy little girls’ underwear, why would they necessarily want a costume? Perhaps their little girl had an accident in the Food Court and they just need some new underpants. Making the leap from underpants to every. single. Disney. Princess. item in the store is ridiculous.

My general dislike of pushy salespersons may leave me with a bad sales practice, but I simply can’t do it. Also knowing that our merchandise is not safe for everyone makes it more difficult for me to spear everyone who walks by the booth and hold them in a crippler crossface, forcing them to watch the DVD on our TV until they tap out in submission and purchase something. Instead, I’ll tell you all about our product and let you decide whether you would like to purchase it.


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