Letting Go The Reins

I have come to the conclusion that instead of titling my blog entry and then typing, it is easier for me to write my blog entry, see where it leads me and then title it based upon the path my subconscious thoughts have led me to write about.

The last few entries (other than Friday 5 type entries) have started out one way and wrapped up in a completely opposite direction. It almost reminds me of those shape toys for little kids…you know, the ones that have the blocks shaped like a circle, a square, a star, etc. and the point is to teach the kid that the star-shaped block goes in the star-shaped hole, and so forth. If you watch a little kid with one of those toys, you will notice that they try and try to fit the square-shaped block in the circle-shaped hole, but eventually realize that the square-shaped block fits best in the square-shaped hole. And thus it is with my mind. I realize that the blog entry that I try to write in one direction, simply won’t happen when the thoughts coming through foremost are in a completely opposite direction. So (at least for the time being) I will be opening the gates and letting my thoughts freely express themselves.

Afterall, I have a lot on my mind. With everything going on in the world, it’s difficult not to. I know I’m not the only one with various thoughts in my head, and I realize that others may have the same issues they are dealing with. The primary purpose of my blog is to allow me to get my thoughts out there. I sometimes censor topics, or broadly describe things so as to avoid revealing information that either shouldn’t be revealed or that I simply don’t feel like revealing, but when it all boils down, these are my thoughts. Obviously with readers out there, a secondary purpose of my blog is to provide some sort of insight into matters. I like to think that there are other people out there who may be going through a similar experience and may either laugh at one of the funny tales I tell, or look at what I did in response to a situation and take my experience to help them formulate a response or action to hopefully assist in their own situations.


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