Top 10 Reasons The-X Sucks

#1 – Mark Madden on the drive home.

Forget the Top 10. Mark Madden is enough reason for me to think that The-X sucks.

I love The-X. Allow me to correct that….I loved The-X. They played the perfect mix of randomness to make me happy throughout the day. When they got rid of Alan Cox, a little part of me died. But, I was able to forgive and continue to listen to The-X if for no other reason than I wasn’t happy enough with any other station to switch. I have been able to “tolerate” the majority of their on-air talent, and was glad that their platform allowed for “minimal” speaking between music.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Mark Madden. The first day he was on the air, The-X lasted a whopping 5 minutes before I plugged in my iPod to finish out the work day. Thinking I was being too critical, I tried to listen again the following day. The minute I heard his obnoxious voice, I realized I was doomed and again plugged in the iPod.

I understand that The-X is apparently changing their platform to accommodate a male populous. But do you really need to become a sports talk station with occasional music? I tolerate the morning show because it has its moments of funny commentary. Their snippets from interviews with various Penguins, Steelers, Pirates, etc. sometimes make me scratch my head, but they are generally snippets. As they are snippets, by the time I start to reach for the radio dial, the snippet is done and they have moved on to another topic of conversation or have returned to the music.

This is not the case with Mark Madden. It seems that each time I tune in to The-X between the hours of 3-6 pm Monday – Friday, I am required to listen to him try his attempt at humor and miserably fail. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have someone to play off of with his dialogue. Maybe it’s because he approaches “music” radio like a play-by-play commentary. Whatever the reason, The-X has lost me as a listener, at least through the afternoon slot.


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