NaBloPoMo # 2: Homework Assignment # 5

Ms. Papuga has handed down another homework assignment. So here’s my rendition of Sleeping Beauty as seen through the “eyes” of the spinning wheel:

It was horrible sitting, tucked away in a dark room for so many years. I worked diligently as I always had, for generations and generations.

Then one day, the new baby arrives and a decree is handed down throughout the land that all spinning wheels are banished from the land. How are people supposed to spin wool now? What are they going to do? Run around naked? Make clothes from leaves? You have to be kidding me?

And then, the irony of it all! The rebellious teenage princess finds me. Of all the spinning wheels in the land, she has to find me.

So there I am. I’m worried that I’m going to get in trouble because this silly girl has found me. It’s not like I asked her to find me. It’s not like I told her to try to use me.

But, of course she tried to use me. And it felt so good to be of use to someone after so many years. My wheel was a little rusty, and my needle not so sharp. Or so I thought.

Apparently my needle was just rusty enough that when this fool of a girl pricked her finger she must have caught something. Little miss princess must have had the weakest immune system I’ve ever seen because she instantly became comatose.

So again, there I am, fretting. Now, not only has this poor girl decided to use me after a ban that has lasted for over a decade, but now she’s sick because of me.

I was afraid that I would be immediately hacked and broken into pieces and then tossed into a fire by an angry mob. But, everyone seemed to know that this would happen to the poor girl.

Upon second thought, it almost seems as though this was supposed to happen to this poor girl. If her immune system was so horrible, you’d think she would have someone with her at all times, or have some sort of medic alert badge.
But I digress, after she passed out, I was again left in this little room to collect dust. I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t become kindling.


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