NaBloPoMo # 17: Friday 5: Misuses

It’s Friday. I have things to do tonight. So as to not miss a day in NaBloPoMo, I have decided to Friday5. I am thankful that I do have the Friday5 to fall back on in such instances.

1. When did you last use the edge of a coin (or a knife blade) as a screwdriver?
Ha! I did this a few months ago. Just don’t ask the circumstances.

2. When did you last use a wire coat-hanger to break into a car?
Wow. That would have been probably 2000ish. The locks on my car had frozen and when I unlocked the car to pump gas, the lock didn’t fully unlock. I shut the door to pre-pay for the gas, and when I went to get back in, the door was locked…with my keys in the ignition. I was thankful that the guy in the car at the next pump had a wire coat-hanger in the trunk of his car.

3. When did you last use food or drink as medication?
I baked about 10-dozen cookies about a week or so ago.

4. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight?
Last weekend. It seemed to make a better flashlight at the time since I was in a massive dead zone and couldn’t use it as a phone.

5. When did you last use a paper clip for any purpose other than to clip paper?
About a month or so ago, the paper clip helped me to get a small piece of paper out of the inner-working parts of my printer. Because of that stupid little piece of paper, the printer wouldn’t work, as it kept flashing that there was a paper jam. Seriously? The paper was smaller than a friggin’ penny! And, it only took me about a half hour to finally get it out.

I feel as though I should be thanking MacGyver after thinking more fully about some of these questions and answers…


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