NaBloPoMo # 25: Mommy Blogging Events Without the Mommy

So I have decided to “crash” a mommy blogging event this afternoon. And, it’s kinda funny how it came about.

Michelle was organizing a cookie swap event thingy for her mommy bloggers group. She was doing so in the relatively public forum of Plurk. Michelle was asking everyone’s preference as to the time of the event. And I, being the instigator as I have been so aptly titled by some, could not resist putting in my own comment as to my preferred time.

Now, mommy bloggers have two things in common…they are mommies and they blog. I only have one of these items in common, and you’re reading it. I do not have any children, and do not blog about motherhood or children or any of that fun stuff that Michelle and her crew generally blog about.

But, Michelle thought that my crashing of this event would be a wonderful idea!

I think she just wants to have easy access to some of my cookies. I can’t say for certain, but I am about 99.9% sure that the appeal is my mad cooking skillz (yes, skillz, with a z…don’t ask, I just went with it).

So I am going to have to see how this wonderful experience goes. As it is, I know some of the other mommies who will be in attendance anyway. The big difference with this event will be that the mommies have their adorable tots with them, and we’re not in some other sort of social media gathering.


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo # 25: Mommy Blogging Events Without the Mommy

  1. So glad you came – and I totally left my tot at home. I travel so lightly without him. Although my daughter, on the other hand, is a great traveling companion.

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