Eggnog Milkshake Fail

Last night came to prove that a delicious seasonal milkshake doesn’t go so well with shots of alcohol.

Mike and I stopped by Steak ‘N Shake on our way out to SingSing last night. The plan was to grab a bite to eat with Chachi and pghrugbyangel and then head over to join the crew at SingSing.

I was looking forward to meeting up with MadMike who was in visiting from New York City and meeting AshleyLHoover who was visiting from Boston.

The evening started off great! Steak ‘N Shake is one of those places where Mike and I go every once in a while. At this point, it’s been more while since we’ve been there. My favorite part of this time of year is their specialty shakes. They only make their eggnog and white chocolate shakes this time of year. So, of course I had to have an eggnog shake. Delicious.

We wrapped up dinner and moved on to SingSing. Not even 5 minutes in the door and I find myself doing a round of shots with the gang. Shots of what, you ask? That would be a shot of tequila. So we all get to talking and hanging and chilling again. I order up a round of Wild Turkey. We all get to talking and hanging and chilling again. MadMike orders up a round of Kamikazes.

I’m talking and laughing and having a grand ‘ole time. And then it all hits me.

Why did I decide to wear a sweater? I am in an almost cold sweat. Almost instantly I can feel a volcano waiting to errupt from my stomach. This is not good.

Thankfully Mike had an extra t-shirt on under his Steelers jersey. He went to the men’s room to take that off so I could shed the unfortunate sweater. In the interim, Veronica helped me to the ladies room.

Apparently the eggnog milkshake was making itself known. What’s worse than a beer burp? A soured milk with hint of what used to be egg burp. Yuck.

Needless to say, I wound up cutting the evening short. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But, I was upset having to leave the festivities that early and under such sucky circumstances.

For anyone reading…DO NOT mix an eggnog milkshake with shots. Contents may explode.


3 thoughts on “Eggnog Milkshake Fail

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the eggnogg milkshake babe… just don’t have one tonight. We’re going to live it up Boston style tonight. If you thought last night was crazy fun, just you wait!

  2. I can’t wait to come out and play again. You Sorg and anyone interested are welcome out here anytime 🙂 If you’re looking for something to do for New Years, I do know we’re having a pretty kick ass party. If not, we must arrange for a time for another visit ASAP. Thank you so much for an amazing time.

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