Cat + Christmas Cards = Fail

As we all know, I have cats. There’s Sam, who is the newest addition to the family. You can find his story here. And then…there’s Daisy.

Daisy was obtained from the home of Sorg’s dad. She was just an itsy bitsy teeny tiny kitten when she found herself coming home with us. We got her to keep Mickey company while we were at work or away on long weekends, etc.

Mickey and Daisy got along just fine. Now, Sam and Daisy get along just fine. Daisy has never really been one to cuddle. But lately, she has decided that she wants more attention from me. Not Sorg. Me.

Of course she can’t want attention when I’m relaxing just watching TV. She always wants attention when I’m in the middle of something. Working on paperwork for my sister? The cat is sitting on my shoulder. Working on some household stuffs? The cat is sitting on my chest.

I try to move her. But, like this song

…the cat keeps coming back.

Today should be no different. I am working on getting out the last of my Christmas cards. This involves signing cards, addressing envelopes, affixing postage stamps and the whole shabang.

And where does Daisy think she needs to be sitting? Right.In.My.Lap. or Right.On.My.Chest. or Right.On.My.Arm. or Right.On.My.Shoulder.

No matter where I move her, she just keeps coming back. I think Sorg may have fed her a treat so she would stop bugging me in order to finish the cards and now write this post.


2 thoughts on “Cat + Christmas Cards = Fail

  1. Our cat Coal is the epitome of the lap cat who always gets in the way. He’s an old man, and lately he’s been pretty sick. We figured it was nearing the end of his road, so I have been totally letting him camp out on my lap 24/7 out of sympathy. This Saturday Mr. H took him to the vet. We seriously didn’t think he would be coming back, but it turned out he is totally fine. It must have been a bug causing him to barf and poop all over.I’m thinking he made himself sick so he could monopolize my space. Sneaky cat.

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