I Can Haz Orgunizashun Plz?

I iz dun cleening teh potty.

If only it were this easy. I love LOLcats. Who doesn’t?

I also love the idea of having things clean and organized and simplified in my life. Unfortunately, life can’t be that simple. Between work, meetings, and living life it seems as though we are forced to choose between what we need to do, what we should do and what we want to do.

I know it is all a balance between the id, ego and superego (or at least that is what I learned in each of my psychology classes), but what is a healthy balance?

It isn’t healthy or good to have too much emphasis on what you want to do. I want to go shopping. I want to not go to work. I want to have fun.

It also isn’t healthy or good to have too much emphasis on what you need to do. I need to work. I need to clean. I need to exercise.

The ideal situation is to balance each of these needs and desires into a healthy lifestyle. It’s obvious that one must work. Working is what allows us to do the other things we need to do, such as pay bills. It gives us money for those things we want to do, such as shopping and concerts and video games.

Now, I consider myself to be a rather intelligent person. I work 40-or-so hours a week at my regular job. I work on some side projects after hours. I try to spend as much time with my friends as I can. I try to get involved with projects that enrich who I am, as well as allow me to assist others. I try to be supportive of various projects that my husband is involved in. And, I know from experience that I am one of those people who requires 8 hours of sleep to prevent bitchiness, wackiness and general non-constructive behavior.

There are 24-hours in a day. That doesn’t seem to be quite enough to squeeze everything in. I know this. It’s no big surprise to me. But when does too much become too much? And, when should one revise his or her schedule to accommodate that which needs to be done while allowing enough time for more relaxing things? It seems that an unhealthy balance simply leads to more complications. Between increased stress levels and decreased sleep, mixed with food on the go which is either unhealthy by content (fast food) or unhealthy by context (only an apple for the whole day), it seems that there simply isn’t enough to keep us going without getting run down.So how do we balance this out, folks?


One thought on “I Can Haz Orgunizashun Plz?

  1. Sucky situation to be in. You hate to leave anyone out but sometimes you just need to sit down with a list and figure out what goes. I stretched myself insanely thin last year and now some groups have the same expectations from me. Then again if I was a single guy I’d be everywhere but being hitched that’s not gonna fly.

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