Basement Submission Complete

It’s a typical Sunday evening in the house, which of course means that Sorg is busy working away on something in the office and I am left to my own devices. Those devices (for all intents and purposes for the day) include cleaning in various capacities.

I have successfully tackled the basement. There are boxes packed in the Rendezvous, awaiting their delivery to Goodwill. Which means that I am successfully decluttering the basement and getting rid of various things which I really have no use for.

In addition to the decluttering, I have been a laundry machine, washing, drying and folding load after load after load (you get the idea). Wait until Sorg gets that “Honey can you come down and help me carry some laundry upstairs” notice. It’s going to be a couple trips from the basement to the 2nd story carrying everything from clothes to bedding and towels.

The most successful item of completion would be the basement floor. I have successfully mopped that floor into submission! No longer is there a funky “what is that smell” smell. It now smells bleach clean. Granted, I’m not so fond of the smell of bleach, but I’ll take bleach over funk any day.

With only a few hours of useful time left in the day, I guess I’d better get going while I have this cleaning bug. Who knows what more I can get accomplished?


One thought on “Basement Submission Complete

  1. COME CLEAN AT MY HOUSE! Surely you will run out of things to tackle, and Alexis’ room could REALLY use a complete overhaul. C’mon, you know you wanna!

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