What’s On TV?

It’s Thursday night. This generally means Earl and The Office. NBC has figured out that people love these two shows. They have also figured out that if they toss something that people don’t want to watch in between those two shows that people might actually watch that other show.

Thus I find myself “watching” Kath & Kim. I have never enjoyed the idea of this show. I’ve seen the various ads. And I’ve never had any interest whatsoever of watching it. My opinion has not changed now that I have been “forced” to watch portions of it.

Sorg and I watched Earl live tonight. This is unusual. We normally watch it on DVR. By the time we’re done watching that it’s time for The Office.

Tonight Sorg decided to play a mean, mean trick. After Earl was done he left the room. I continued to work on the projects I’m working on and didn’t realize that he had escaped to his office to work on a project for a little bit. I happened to look up at the TV to realize that Kath & Kim was on. I looked over to ask Sorg to change the channel…and he was gone!

As there were only a few minutes left to endure, I opted to dive back into what I was working on and await the arrival of The Office.

In the hopes that NBC may eventually stumble upon this little space, I would like them to know that I do not like that they moved The Office and Earl to let the abomination that is Kath & Kim squeeze its way in between.


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