That’s Ms. Bitch….Get It Right

Maybe it’s PMS. Maybe it’s just me completely overreacting. Maybe it’s just the alignment of the cosmos.

Whatever it is, I have found my normally mild-mannered self taking a hiatus. Instead of the general happy-go-lucky, smooth sailing and easy-going me, this week has seen at least two separate incidents of Ms. Bitch.

Those joking keychains, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. that cutely proclaim “0 to Bitch in 3.5 seconds” or such? They completely describe me this week.

Think I’m kidding? Just ask Sorg. He was unfortunate enough to encounter episode 2 this afternoon.

I really wish I could pinpoint what it is that seems to have me so irritated so I could make it stop. I don’t like being bitchy. I don’t like flying off the handle at seemingly trivial things. And, the worst part is that I know the things I’m screaming about are not earth shattering things. But, my normal reservations are somehow tossed aside and I find myself unable to control the fits of rage.

Even as I’m writing this, I find myself thinking about what pushed that big red button today, and my nostrils are starting to flare. Thankfully, Sorg is out with the guys for the evening and can avoid any sort of retribution.

I live and work in a generally stressful environment (heck, I work in a law office with all sorts of deadlines and pressure). I work well with the normal amounts of stress involved with my daily life. I honestly don’t think I would be able to handle an environment that was completely stress free.

So what makes today any different than any other day? Why is it that those little disturbances I normally deal with or overlook seem so large and obtrusive today? And, why, for the love of God, do I have the desire to take a sledgehammer to something to work out these frustrations?


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