Happy What?

As a woman, there are certain things which I am required to use throughout the course of my life.  I dislike ads that use stereotypical cliches in an effort to gear their marketing toward me.  I understand why it’s done, but it doesn’t mean that I need to like it.

Using the color pink will not make me purchase your items.  In all honesty, it may have the reverse effect.  Same goes for filling your ads with frills.  I don’t do frilly.  I also don’t do the damsel in distress rescued by the hunky, muscular dreamboat.  Although the hunky, muscular dreamboat will probably catch my attention, he won’t sell me your product.  To be completely honest, I am more apt to look at the distressed damsel and think she’s an idiot.

Of all the ads that have made me look at things and ask myself, “Really?” there is one ad that has stuck with me for some time.  I’ve thought about writing about it multiple times in the past.  And, today I’ve decided to actually act upon that urge.

As previously indicated, I’m a woman.  As a woman, there are certain products I need to purchase from time to time.  Among those products are feminine hygiene products.  I generally tend to keep them stocked just about everywhere for those times when “Aunt Flo” shows up unexpectedly.

I recently came across some items I had stashed away at my father-in-law’s.  And, I couldn’t help but look at the product packaging:

Have a happy period.

My absolute favorite part of the packaging is that I can relatively snear at the box as I’m pulling out the actual product.  But, when I open the wrapper, there’s another little piece of paper inside with “Have a happy period” written in cute little cutesy cursive font over and over and over and over, filling the little piece of paper protecting the sticky part of those handy-dandy wings. And, that little piece of paper just glares at me.

Have a what?  A happy?  A happy PERIOD?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!

What woman has a happy period?  What IS a happy period?

I don’t know what Always was thinking with their “Have a happy period” ads.  I’ve been a member of the double x community since birth.  I’ve been a member of the menstruating double x community since I was a preteen.  There is absolutely nothing about my period that I would equate with anything happy.  Between the bloating, cramping and general irritability I can barely fathom a look which could remotely be considered personable and is a far cry from any sign of happiness.

Given that any woman of childbearing age would know that there is no such thing as a happy period, I can only assume that the ad was developed by a team of men.  To the folks at Always, please don’t hire men to work up your ads.  As a woman, I don’t want your products to insight fury and rage at a time when I am surging with uncontrollable hormones and general bodily discomfort.


One thought on “Happy What?

  1. I am so on board this. I’m pretty confident I don’t need slogans, taglines or other nonsense on my “ammunition”. I might occasionally get quippy about Aunt Flo, but not while she’s visiting. Then? EFF with me not.

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