What’s That Brownish-Green Stuff Under the Snow?

It seems that Pittsburgh has been buried under a perpetual blanket of snow for far too long.  But, hope is in sight.  I actually saw part of my lawn this evening when I got home from work.  Albeit it was a minute section of grass running along the sidewalk, but it was there! 

I am looking forward to warm weather for a multitude of reasons.  But, I must admit that this Spring is the first time that I have looked forward to getting out and being active outside.  I can’t wait to be able to take a nice walk during my lunch hour!  It’s nice having an office where I get an hour lunch break and can use the time to walk down the street.  And, I’m really excited that one of my co-workers plans on lunch walks as well.  That means I’ll have a walking buddy!

Truth be told, I am also psyched to be able to work in my garden.  I have promised myself that this year is the year that I am going to tame the wild overgrowth that is my back yard.  This will also be the year that I get rid of the massive shrubs in front of my house.  And, while I’m at it, I’m going to finally work on the patio space that I envisioned when we bought the house. 

I can’t wait for Spring to get into full swing!


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