Happy Birthday Sorgatron

Today was the official celebration of Sorg’s birthday.  Although the actual anniversary of his birth was Thursday, it was difficult to get family together for a shindig until this weekend.  But, it gave me ample time to get a few things together for an awesome day!

I set out on a shopping spree with Ashley earlier, picking up some essentials.  And, I baked his birthday cake last night (standard, run-of-the-mill cake batter with crushed Oreos for a cookies n’ creme batter).  I baked it last night so that it could cool and I could get it decorated for today. 

For starters, the birthday boy needed a birthday badge.

Birthday badge.  Check.

I think the birthday badge meets with the birthday boy’s approval.

Then we need a special birthday cake.

Birthday cake topper.  Check.

And, then we need the cake to put the topper on.  Which we have, because I baked it last night.  I also can’t forget the surprises I bought during my earlier shopping trip.  We have Transformers plates, cups, napkins and an awesome tablecloth!

Transformers birthday gear.  Check.  Check.  And, check.

Sorg was all sorts of happy and surprised with the throwback birthday.

Add in the Animal hat his mom gave him, and you have one super happy birthday boy!

But, the absolute best part of the day came after cake and ice cream.  Sorg took the opportunity to transform his new transformer.  With the aid of Chachi, it took them almost 15 minutes to transform Optimus Prime from kickass transformer to his tractor trailer alter ego.  And, it was so entertaining, that I had to pull out my iPhone and capture it to share.

The transfer from robot form to tractor trailer form:

And, the transfer from tractor trailer form to robot form:


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