I Need New Clothes!

And, of course I realize that 85% of you are going to take that as I need to shop for maternity clothes.  Whoops.  Sorry.  Not “quite” yet.  I’m still waiting to see if jumping through all of the hoops this cycle is going to pay off or not.  What I am talking about is that I am still losing weight.  While that is a good thing, I find that my clothes are not fitting quite as well lately. 

Take the ensemble I wore to work today.  I got up, pulled on a pair of dress pants, and realized that they were pretty roomy (not so much that they are falling off by any means – but roomy just the same).  I was in a rush, so I grabbed a shirt that would match.  I put the shirt on and realized I could probably fit another person in there with me.  In an effort to make it to work on time, I opted to simply wear the shirt instead of trying to find another one.  I regretted that decision about two hours later.

While I still like billowy shirts versus tight-fitting shirts, I realize that the shirt I had on today will need to go into a pile to either pass along to someone else, or into a pile of stand-by shirts I can have on hand for when I am pregnant and not quite fitting into my regular wardrobe.  Either way, I realize that I may need to go out and buy some more clothes sooner than I had intended to do.


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