Megabitch Rides Again

There’s a lot going on in this little head of mine, and you lucky people get a three-fer today!

I’m not sure if this mood is carryover from dealing with the Southside last night, or whether it is from my lack of pregnancy, or perhaps it’s just run-of-the-mill PMS.  Whatever it is, I find myself wanting to stab things today.  I’m not talking in a joking matter about stabbing things, I mean bludgeoning something to the point that it is no longer recognizable stabbing things.

Days like today don’t happen very frequently, but when they do?  Woah boy!  Strap in.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.  And, poor Sorg.  He gets dragged along for the ride, fearing that if he even looks at me the wrong way it’ll set me off.

Case in point:

I went into the kitchen to make breakfast, to realize that the skillet I was going to use was dirty – leftover from dinner last night.  But, in order to wash it, I had to wash the dishes that were already in the sink.  Once I started washing, I then realized I would actually need to let the skillet soak.  Breakfast plans?  Shot for the moment.  I asked Sorg whether he wanted to go to Eat N’ Park for their Sunday brunch buffet.  He wasn’t sure what time it runs, so he looked it up.  In the meantime, I’m still working on some of the dishes.  Sorg comes back out and informs me that he can’t find anything on their website about brunch, and grabs the coffee pot to make some coffee.

Granted, this doesn’t sound like such a big deal.  My response to him getting into the sink while I’m washing dishes? Megabitch.  On the scale of 1-10 meltdown, I’m gearing up for a 4.5, and let him have it.  Why did he need to be in the sink now?  Can’t he see that I’m washing dishes?  WTF?

Then, I see the look on his face.  Although he realizes this is not a typical response from me, it still stings.  So, he puts down the coffee pot and slowly backs away.

I finish washing what dishes I was washing, and returned to the living room.  Sorg had gone upstairs to get a shower (aka – get away from Megabitch).  When he comes downstairs from the shower, he goes out and starts taking care of dishes so I can wash the skillet.

By this time, I am hungry.  French toast would be quicker and easier to make than pancakes.  I wash up the skillet, set it aside to dry, and wash up a few more dishes.  Now that I am on board with the idea of French toast, I look over to grab the bread.  There is none.  Apparently when the last was used for dinner last night, someone forgot to pull a loaf from the freezer to thaw.

That little needle on my pressure valve rises even more.

This time, I internalize my little implosion.  Instead of flipping out at Sorg, I say nothing and walk back to the living room.  He looks at me and suggests that he’ll make pancakes or something, but that I need to show him how.  Although I realize he’s trying to be helpful, Megabitch is Megabitch.  I wind up ignoring his suggestion and just continue walking.

As of this moment, Megabitch is holding at a solid 5.2.  In an effort to keep things under control, I just want to sit here and play some Bejeweled Blitz, block out the world for a bit and just let Megabitch go back into that deep dark part of myself where she came from.


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