We Have Another Green Light

So, I know I haven’t written. But, between not having much to write about, and being busy with PodCamp and my day-to-day tasks, can you blame me? (Okay, so even I blame me. Sorry I’m a slacker.)

I do have an update to share though.

Apparently, Megabitch was brought on by PMS! Yep. My cycle has started over, and sooner than had originally been anticipated.

I actually went to see my doctor today for Day 3 bloodwork and a sonogram. I got the call this afternoon that everything checked out okay, and we’re set to move forward.

I will be taking a higher dosage of Clomid beginning Sunday, and will be checking for an LH surge beginning next week.

I’ll have more to post in the next couple weeks. And here’s to prayers, crossed fingers, rabbit’s feet and clovers that I have some awesomely wonderful news to share in the coming months.


7 thoughts on “We Have Another Green Light

    • 3Weasels – I know. At least we don’t have to wait! That was my biggest fear with an irregular cycle – that it’d be 4-5 months before we could try again.

      Dudders – Trust me. I’ll be posting what I can when I can. And, where were you at yinzball tonight? (And don’t give me the lame excuse that you had to work.)

      Caroline – LMAO! (Totally in the works. I’ve picked up eggs, and meat. That will be his diet for the next 2-3 weeks. LOL)

      Connie – I wish. Not pregnant yet. But, the process to get there starts again. Besides, I think you’d know if we were pregnant by means other than my blog/Facebook/Twitter. LOL

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