Holy Cow It’s Been a Month Already

And, I have of course not updated anything about anything.  That would be because I have been up to my eyeballs working on PodCamp Pittsburgh.  For those of you who may not be aware of PodCamp Pittsburgh, it’s this “little” project I’ve helped with for the past three years.  The first year, I helped out as part of the organization committee.  I taught a couple of the 101 sessions.  I made over 300 sandwiches for Sunday lunch.  It was all fun.  It was so much fun that I got involved last year as well.  When the head honcho of PodCamp Pittsburgh (Justin Kownacki) found himself moving to Baltimore halfway through the planning process, he turned the reigns over.  So Jennie and I stepped up and took over as co-organizers.  This year?  Jennie took a slight step back to accommodate her new job, so I stepped up to pick up the slack.

The nice thing about this being my third year involved in the organization of the event is that I am definitely more comfortable in the process.  I know how things have gone the past couple of years, and I’m working to streamline some of the process.  Of course, that only goes so far, so I’ve found myself stepping into various roles to cover all the bases.

And, I of course do this around my 9-5, so it encompasses most of what my otherwise “free” time would be – that time including my time to blog.

It’s all good though.  I absolutely love being involved with PodCamp to this degree.  It gives me a good project to sink my teeth into.


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