So The Car Is Down…Again

Yeah, you heard it.  The car is down…again.  This is now the third time in as many weeks.  And, it’s all because of the idler pulley.  Everything started following the Pirates game about three weeks ago.  We were pulling out of the garage and the battery indicator came on that the battery wasn’t charging.  We made it out  of the garage and pulled off into a well-lit alley.  My father came into town a couple days later to fix it for us.

A few days after he had fixed it, Sorg was on his way to pick me up from work and the power steering went, and then the battery light came on again.  He was able to make it back to his office, and the car wound up stuck there until the following day when my dad was able to make it down to fix it again.  It turns out that the idler pulley had come off.  Dad thought it may have been his error, that he hadn’t tightened it down enough when he installed it.

And, this weekend we were on our way up I-376/SR-60 at 65 miles per hour when the power steering went and the battery light kicked on.  Once we pulled off the road, I had Sorg pop the hood, and low and behold, the idler pulley was gone, as was the serpentine belt.  We were too far from home, but thankfully close enough to Grandpap.  So, Grandpap came to the rescue, driving Matt and I to his house while Sorg rode with the tow truck guys to give directions to Grandpap’s.

I was able to call and price a replacement idler pulley and serpentine belt, but it turns out that the bolt that holds the pulley in place is something that the parts stores apparently do not carry.  I had to call a dealership.  So, I called one dealership.  And, I called another dealership.  And, I called another dealership.  The unfortunate part was that the parts department at each dealership was closed on Saturdays.  I finally found a dealership with Saturday hours, but when I called them, I was informed that the parts department had just closed about 20 minutes before I had called.

So, I have to wait to call some local dealerships tomorrow.

The day was not entirely lost.  We were able to spend some quality time with Grandpap, which included hanging out and relaxing with him before heading out to grab a bite for dinner and some dessert.

I’m hoping that when I call the dealerships tomorrow that I am able to locate the bolt I need so I can get the car fixed after work tomorrow.  I also hope that perhaps fixing the car will alleviate the additional stress and pressure that I’m feeling since yesterday.


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