Can We Help a Girl Out?

One of my co-workers is going through the process of becoming a foster parent, with the hopes that she will be able to help change the world of some under-privileged, abused, or otherwise “orphaned” children.  Kudos to her in her efforts, but along the way, she is learning a lot.  The following is an e-mail she sent through the office, asking for assistance.

“I am seeking to find used infant and toddler car seats.  If anyone knows anyone who will be disregarding one soon (due to a baby outgrowing it to the next stage), I would appreciate you passing it on to me instead of dumping it in the trash (provided you don’t have a friend or family member you are passing it on to).

No, I’m not expecting!

As some of you know, I’m now an approved foster mom, awaiting placement of a child for possible adoption.

Part of that process involves, to be in favor in the State’s eyes for a permanent placement, my being willing to take emergency, temporary placements of children in physical and/or mental danger who have been removed from the home.

One such opportunity arose last night for a one-month old who needed shelter for the night until the foster family could take her the next day. I got trumped last night because I had no power and they found another home that did. [This e-mail was sent just after the power outages in the Mt. Lebanon/Dormont area due to severe weather.]

But, while they were making that decision, I had to scramble to finally find a loan of an infant car seat from a sister of a friend of my mother’s (yeah, THAT’s a pain in the butt to try to accomplish in less than 20 minutes!) – because I was told “oh, if it happens, a car seat can be provided on loan, you don’t need to have one” (that is not the case, I found out, if it’s after regular business hours – when emergency placements usually happen).

As most of you probably know, a good car seat costs over $100 – and with the new regulations, you can’t buy just one, like we used to – there are different seats for different ages – I can’t afford to purchase all these at once “in case” I might need one.  I need an infant car seat (that allows the seat to become portable), possibly a “convertible” car seat for that in-between age (20-30 pounds), and a booster seat (for toddlers/small children up to 80 pounds).  If I end up acquiring more than I need, I will gladly take them to my foster agency (or to CYF, I have a friend that works there) so they have more on hand at their facility to lend to foster parents in an emergency.

Thanks for taking a minute to read this! ”

So, if you are a parent, or know of a parent, who is looking to get rid of an old car seat or booster seat, please e-mail me, and perhaps we can get that car seat or booster seat to a child who really needs some help.


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