And, The Uglier?

So, I left off yesterday’s thoughts positively – that I would continue to test for an LH surge and would pretty much flaunt it in the faces of my doctor and his staff when it happened a little later than they were anticipating.

This morning’s LH test pretty much pounded the nail into the coffin of this cycle.  The test line was lighter than yesterday, which indicates that the LH surge didn’t happen.  The line doesn’t get darker, darker, darker, lighter, lighter, darker, darker, darker – BINGO.  Once I see it starting to get lighter, it will eventually disappear, and my cycle will start toward it’s end to start the ball rolling again next month.

The silver lining in all of this is that thanks to the medication schedule the doctor has me on – my period is more regular.  It’s still not like clockwork by any means, but at least I’m not waiting 6 months for things to get started again.  I’ve been closer to 35-40 days between cycles.

My plan for today involves waiting until the doctor’s office opens, and calling to make an appointment to discuss our options.  Hopefully they can get us in either today or tomorrow to see the doctor.  And, hopefully the doctor will have something good to tell us? (Please?  We can really use some good news this week.)


4 thoughts on “And, The Uglier?

  1. I am so sorry. Thank you for keeping us posted- it enables me to keep cheering you on, and I am sure is cathartic for you to get your feelings out, something I didn’t do which then made me VERY bitter. And being bitter and feeling alone only adds to the stress.

    I am not far away if you need to talk more…..

    • Thanks. And, yes, it is very cathartic. I was bottling it up for a while, and it wasn’t good. I was bitter. I was avoiding baby showers, new babies and everything because I was so bitter. That’s when I started actually writing about it. At least this is helping me cope, and people who have been where I am now (yourself included) have been helpful. I know that it is still a possibility. And, knowing that I have friends to help pick me up when I need it is definitely a plus. It’s tough being strong when due to the situation, compounded by hormonal changes, sometimes all I want to do is cry.

  2. missy- try to keep your head up! i know it’s hard. when you have multiples, i will come over to help!!! seriously! anyone that is wanting and trying as hard as you guys will definitely get what your waiting for! i am praying for it!

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