A Few Days (Weeks? Months?) Later…

So, I’ve been busy with two (that’s right 2!) fundraising charity events coming up this weekend and next weekend respectively.  The first – Ti Kanaval.  Essentially, it’s a fundraiser event to raise money for Haitian Orphan Rescue.  My involvement?  I’ll be hosting a table of baked goods for the event.  We’re talking pies, cakes and cupcakes.  That’s the event that’s going on this coming weekend.

Next weekend is my own brand of craziness.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I saw the perfect fundraising effort for my interests and talents.  That would be the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer drive that I’m rolling out with the weekend after next.

Between the two events, I’ll be baking pies, cakes and cupcakes for 200 people (for Ti Kanaval) and I’ll be baking 1,000 cookies (for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer).  And, the past couple of weeks have been hectic with trying to work both of those events to the smoothest possible showing of my baked goods.

On top of that,some of the people that brought you PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 (i.e., Me, Jennie, Norm, Rob and Sorg) are working on “mini” PodCamp events which we are aptly titling An Evening with PodCamp.  Our first of those has been put together by Norm, and is set to kick off this Thursday.

The update that I should have posted a few days ago (okay – a week ago) is with regard to the whole “State of the Uterus” thing I’ve been dealing with for the past how many months/years?  So, let’s just roll right into that, shall we?

After 42 days, my cycle finally restarted.  As we last left off, the signs indicated that I had not ovulated and would not be ovulating  during my last cycle.  My doctor told me that once my cycle restarted we would be starting with an injection schedule for some stronger fertility drugs.  I called the doctor on day 1.  They scheduled me for testing on day 3 (blood work and a sonogram).  In the interim, they called in the drugs I would need to start, so that if the doctor said we were a go on day 3, that I could get things started on time, without having to wait for the medications to get to me.

I had everything lined up, and was looking forward to the prospect of starting with this new process.  But, I should have known things were going “too” well.

The call I got from the doctor’s office the afternoon of day 3 is that despite the fact that I have all my injectable medication in my refrigerator, I can’t actually start any of it.  The sonogram showed that I have a cyst on my right ovary which was not previously there.  If they started me on the injections, the hormones would cause the cyst to grow, and potentially rupture, which in turn could cause a lot of damage to my reproductive system among other systems.  Overall, it would just be a bad situation that the doctor is required to avoid.  Granted, we can try on our own, but things are up in the air since we’ll be going it blind without the specific timing and monitoring through the doctor’s office.

The hope is that the cyst will just go away on its own by the time my cycle restarts in a little over a month.  If it doesn’t?  Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.  It could be administration of some sort of drug to either shrink it or dissolve it.  Or, it could be surgery.  Myself?  I just hope it happens to go away and that we can perhaps move forward with this whole trying to get pregnant thing next cycle.

I can honestly say that I’m glad I have other distractions to keep me occupied at the moment.


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