Marketing Snafu

What’s wrong with this picture:






Oh yeah, did I mention that this is a flyer I received in today’s mail?

Way to go Huggies.  If you may have been paying attention to anything I’ve been doing online, you may have realized that there are some technical difficulties in that department.  Unless you think that Huggies would be beneficial for my dog or my cat, there aren’t any babies in this household buddy.

And, I love that the marketing materials came addressed to me OR current resident.  Because it’s something that I definitely didn’t sign up for, but apparently you got my name from somewhere.

The real kicker of it all is that this is not the first piece of baby-related mailings I’ve received.  In the past month or so, I’ve received an offer for a baby photo session at some photography studio, a flyer for  baby formula and a Gerber Grow-Up Plan invitation.

The saving grace is that my neighbor recently had a baby, and I have some friends who are pregnant.  So, at least I can pass them along.  But, it still feels like salt in a very open wound at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Marketing Snafu

  1. I hate to say it’s not uncommon…I don’t know how we get on these lists, but…but….I got 1 yr old birthday party catalogs for the baby I didn’t have. It’s a punch in the gut, even now. I am so sorry…..

    • Thanks. I “know” it’s not just me. But, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that’s been there. I must admit that I’d prefer a quick jab to the solar plexus instead.

  2. just a warning, another punch in the gut is the questionnaire at the dr’s office for how many pregnancies/how many children. It always stung writing 1/0.

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