I Feel Like A Freak

I really do feel like a freak sometimes. I feel like that well enough on my own. But, when you add medical features into the mix, it tends to drive the point home a little further.

Case in Point:

We all know that I’ve been going through various cycles trying to get pregnant. We all know that I’ve been on a host of various medications to assist in these efforts. What you probably didn’t know is just how far off I apparently am with regard to my “normal” production of various hormones and such naturally. For what it’s worth, neither did I until this cycle.

But, here’s what I’ve found out:

My starting dosage of Follistim was 25 units last month or so. My doctor increased that dosage to 150 units. Then we scrapped that cycle because nothing was happening.

This time around, we started at 150 units of Follistim and added 75 units of Luveris. Okay. My last post laid that out already.

But, my doctor then raised my Follistim to 200 units and raised the Luveris to 150 units. But that was still not enough for my system. When all was said and done, I was up to 300 units of Follistim and 150 units of Luveris. It really seems like the dosage just kept going up and up and up. To some regard, I feel like a guinea pig or some sort of Frankenstein’s monster with all of this.

And the icing on the cake of my medication cocktail was of course the HCG injection!

So now we wait to see if shooting myself up like a heroine addict is going to pay off. Between the bruises on my stomach from the injections, and the bruises on my arms from all of the bloodwork, I must admit that it all garners some interesting looks.


2 thoughts on “I Feel Like A Freak

  1. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not that much of a freak in this regard. Docs start hugely conservative because they don’t want an Octomom situation on their hands. It just takes time (I know, feels like FOREVER to you, but it hasn’t been) to figure out the right cocktail. So, yeah, what Mom said. 😉

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