Sometimes, Social Media Sucks

This is an odd one for me to say, considering my involvement with PodCamp Pittsburgh.  Given recent events, it seems like a nice kick in the groin when I log onto Facebook to see this:

Now, I was generally trying to avoid Facebook, just in case there was something like this on there.  But, my mom wanted me to see the sign for her bakery.  (Yes, baking is in the family.  Why do you think I started Cafe Solstice?)  See the sign?  Yeah.  That’s what I was logging on to check out.  And of course I scrolled down far enough to read the snarky comment left by my brother and BOOM sonogram – – from one of my high school classmates.

I’m not necessarily sure how Facebook determines which posts come up in your feed.  It never seems to be specifically chronological?  And, what is the magic 8-ball voodoo that Facebook uses to determine what my “top” news items should be?  It seriously makes no sense to me.  (To clarify – I’m not looking for anyone to spell it out for me.  I’m just venting.)  But really, Facebook.  If you’re looking at what I’m talking about or searching online to figure it out, you might want to pay just a little more attention.  Just because I’m looking up information on pregnancy and infertility doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see notifications when my friends post about their own pregnancies.  Trust me.  If I wanted to see that stuff, I’d seek it out.  Right now?  I’d prefer not to have it memorialized in my feed that I’m not pregnant but my friends are.  I’m sure I’ll be fine in a few days and will resume seeing how my friends are doing at that time.  But right now, you make me want to fly to California just to kick you in the nuts so you could have an idea about how I’m feeling.

For now, in addition to holding off on reading comments from yesterday’s post, I will also be refraining from looking at Facebook for anything other than updating daily specials for the cafe.  (Thank goodness I can do that from my iPhone/iPad without actually having to “look” at my Facebook page.)


One thought on “Sometimes, Social Media Sucks

  1. I used to hate christmas cards w/everyone’s happy family on it. Unreasonable, I know. But it hurt nonetheless.

    I wish I could say it gets better, but it still stings when others announce their pregnancies.

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