As you may have read recently, I’ve got a bum ankle that’s been giving me issues since I started training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and Superhero 5K runs.  Yesterday morning I visited my orthopedic group for a follow-up visit with their foot and ankle guy.

He pretty much confirmed with the general orthopedist told me last week, but wanted to get a couple more x-rays to check things out.

I toddled down the hallway to the x-ray room and they got another set of 2 views of my ankle.  This time, the x-rays were weight-bearing from  above.  They had me essentially stand on the x-ray film while they positioned the machine above everything.  One view was of my foot relatively flat.  The other view was with my outer foot slightly upturned.

The x-ray technician worked on developing the films for the doctor, and I toddled back to the exam room.

When the doctor came in with the x-ray films, he popped them up on the lit x-ray screen and checked things out.  Then he informed me that I am prone to tendonitis due to extra bone in my foot. Yes.  You read that right.  There is apparently an extra bit of bone in my foot.  My husband and I were reassured that it is nothing I need to be concerned with as it is generally asymptomatic, but when exacerbated (like running when I’m not accustomed to running) it can cause tendonitis, and in some cases tendon tears.

Since swelling in my ankle is still “rather remarkable” they want to confirm whether or not I have actually torn the tendon.  So, I’m scheduled to undergo an MRI next week to either confirm a tear or rule it out.

In the meantime, Sorg snapped a pic of the x-ray.  Unfortunately, the back lighting makes it difficult to see the extra bone the doctor pointed to, but if you have some medical knowledge and can see it in the pic below, have at it:


2 thoughts on “X-Woman

  1. I have an extra bone in my foot too! Apparently it’s not all that uncommon. I have no medical knowledge, so I can’t see your extra bone. Where is it? Mine is near the arch of my foot.

    Fingers crossed that there is no tear. Hope you heal quickly. Feel better lady!

    • Thanks Amy! It is more common than one would apparently realize. And, mine too is near the arch of my foot! Glad to see I travel in such awesome company. =)

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