Revelations In Writing

I was hanging out on Twitter this afternoon when out of seemingly nowhere I sent the following tweet:

While this may seem like an innocuous tweet from someone simply being a smart ass, given some recent indecision I was taken aback by the tweet.  I work as a secretary.  My day consists primarily of transcribing dictation with some phone work and occasional miscellaneous tasks that occasionally crop up.  There was one point in my life when I wanted to be a lawyer.  Working with lawyers, I realize that I would prefer to be the behind-the-scenes person.  I would rather be performing the legal research and preparing the briefs, etc., than actually appearing court and arguing them.  Lately though, I have felt the desire to do something more creative.  When I looked at the tweet and saw that the first thing my brain had come up with on my “I want to be” list was a writer, something in my brain clicked.

The thing I enjoy most about being a legal assistant is writing.  When I worked at my previous job as a paralegal, I did a lot of writing.  I drafted complaints, discovery and pretrial statements on a daily basis.  Although the forms were somewhat rigid in that there was a basic set of information I had to provide, there was room for some creativity in how that information was provided.  For instance, when drafting a complaint, one of my jobs was to describe the basis for the lawsuit in a descriptive way.  I needed to provide information without providing either too much information or too little information.

When I switched jobs a few years ago, I took a step back.  My tasks now are almost purely secretarial.  I transcribe dictation.  I occasionally have the opportunity to color outside the lines in that I get to do some occasional special project work.  But, I still “write.”

Looking at that tweet and thinking back on things, writing has always been a passion.  I enjoyed writing in my creative writing classes throughout high school and college.  I even enjoyed writing research papers.  It didn’t really matter what I wrote.  I simply enjoyed writing.  Even now, when my mind is racing I always find myself either in front of my computer, on my iPhone or iPad, or with a tablet and pen, writing.  Sometimes it is ideas.  Other times it is poems.  Other times still it is bits and pieces of thoughts.

It all boils down to writing.


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