Healthy Living – Day 42

So, I realized I forgot to weigh in last Monday. (I’ll blame it on the holiday throwing my week off.) Although I could have weighed in later in the week, I opted to hold off until this coming Monday so I can keep the whole Monday weigh-in trend and not get discouraged or excited with an off-day weigh-in. I’ve averaged about a 3-mile walk practically every day for the past couple weeks. I’ve walked some in the morning, some in the evening. With the daylight hours waning now that we’re into September, I am cautious to get up and do a morning walk/run because it’s still dark out at 6:00, and putting it off until later then puts a crimp in my timing for getting ready for work. Walking home from work has been helpful. It “makes” me get out and walk. The unfortunate part of that is that by 5:00 in the afternoon, it can still be pretty warm out. The heat makes me sweat more, but it also makes me dehydrate faster, and pushes me closer to the potential for heat stroke. On the plus side, I have downloaded yet another iPhone app to track my routes and mileage. Runtastic tracks that, in addition to my speed, letting me know the top speed I’ve reached, as well as the average speed I’ve traveled. I like that. I have also realized that part of my problem with running (or at least trying to run) may be the duration I’m trying. I had downloaded a Couch-to-5K app, but it tends to be a little much for me. Again, I’m assuming it may be the distance. So, I found an interval training app for my iPhone, and found a 1-mile interval training plan. I’ve plugged the interval training plan into my interval training app. Now, I just need to give it a shot. The one realization that I have made in the brief attempt to run through my neighborhood today is that I need to do this on a more even running field. Literally. Beechview is full of hills. I live in the middle of one hill, which means I have to do an uphill leg at the outset or at the end. The only real flat area is through the main drag, and I’m not fond of running (or my fat-ass attempt to run) during hours where folks are driving, shopping, dining, walking, and milling about the various businesses, apartments, and train stops along that main drag. I may just wait until 7:00 this evening and give the 1-mile interval training another shot. If I’m not up for the interval training, at the very least, I’ll walk my 3-mile loop through town and back.


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