Healthy Living – Day 99

I’m posting about my healthy living about as frequently as I am when I’m “regularly” blogging. The plateau that I hit nearing that 200-pound mark has been a drawn-out plateau. I’ve been hovering there for the better part of the month. I’ll lose a couple pounds at the beginning of the week, and by the end of the week, I’ve gained a pound more than when I weighed in the week prior. At least I haven’t gained it back exponentially, I guess. In an effort to help get me over the edge of the plateau, I joined a gym late last week. Unfortunately, due to my crazy schedule (and my birthday weekend) I didn’t make it to the gym as I had hoped. But, I did get a brief workout in last night. I also got up and hit the gym before work today. And, to add to the effort, I’ll be hitting the gym again with one of my girlfriends after work this evening. Hopefully, when I step on the scale next week I will have made some downward progress!


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