PC Thinks It’s A Mac

Okay, so maybe that’s not really true.  For those of you reading this thinking hacintosh, I offer my apologies.

What this really stems from is the spectacular galaxy background that displays on Sorg’s Mac.  Whenever I see it, I think, “Ooooooh. Pretty.”

No, really.  Look.  It’s super pretty.


And, I see it often since we have an old Mac hooked up as a media center for the living room TV.  (We cut the cord a while ago.  Maybe I should write about that!)

Anyway, each time Sorg turns on the media center, the following image appears on our 42″ plasma TV, and I am again reminded that I want it on my laptop.

After reminding Sorg a few times to get me the file, he finally delivered.  And, being the awesome guy he is, he also sent me some of the other image files. So, in addition to my laptop at home (PC) having the Mac “default” background on it, so does my work PC.


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