We Cut The Cord

So, since I mentioned it yesterday, I figured I may as well go ahead and discuss the cord cutting.  Maybe I’ve mentioned it before.  If so, I’m sorry.  (But really. I’m looking for content people! Don’t judge!)

Sorg is a video guy.  If it’s video-related, he’s all over it.  Which means if we’re watching something “in HD” on our HD TV, he scrutinizes.  If we’re watching something not in HD on our TV, he scrutinizes.  Putting all that aside, he looks for alternative options with regard to our TV viewing.

When he was looking at some alternative options, we found some great possibilities.  And many of them fit really well with other things, like scheduling conflicts.  So, we got rid of our cable TV.

We have antennas hooked up to each of our TVs.  We have “DVD playing” game consoles hooked up to TVs. We have a Roku box hooked up to our bedroom TV. And, as previously mentioned, we have a Mac hooked up to our main TV so we get access to Hulu and Netflix.

We have made some concessions with regard to our TV, but in the long run, I’m okay with those concessions.


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