Finally Back To The Gym

Yes.  Finally.

It seems like it’s been forever even though it’s only been about a month.  And, at least part of me feels guilty about it.  But, I made it back to the gym!  (That’s the important part, right?)

Let me just say that it was rougher than I anticipated.  Take a month of from doing anything, and you get rusty.  Take a month off from working out, and you get – well, we’ll say “winded” easily.  All of the stamina that I was slowly building to be able to do more time on the treadmill, or the cross trainer, or [insert piece of equipment here] was somewhat lost.  Thankfully, it wasn’t all lost.  But, it was still hard getting back into things.  My hope is that I will get back into my workout routine and be back on track for losing more weight as we head toward spring and summer.


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