The Trip Home

It is always an interesting time when the hours seem like days, and the days, well, seem like weeks. And, thus it has been since I can remember.

As a child, summers always seemed to last forever. But, much like anything else, summer would come to an end.

Once school started, the school day always seemed to drag on, and on, and on.

Being an adult really doesn’t change that much.

For adults, it seems like the work day has evolved from the school day. The only difference is that adults don’t get a summer vacation. Most adults are lucky to get vacation time from work. For the most part, that vacation time is spent quickly, and we long for the days of our youth and the summer vacations that once were.

The last week and a half or so I have spent in the bright California sun. And, I have loved just about every minute of it. (There was one day it was cold and rainy. I didn’t much care for that day. It reminded me of the cold and snow I left in Pittsburgh.)

Returning on a Thursday night, I figured I could give myself a couple of days to recoup from my time away. As I sit on the plane back to Pittsburgh, I kinda wish I had opted to stick around in the warm California sun for a couple more days – even if it meant being a zombie at the office on Monday morning.

I guess that’s one of those other differences I deal with being a grown up. Although as a child there were consequences to my actions, those consequences seem to be a little more severe in the adult world. I don’t get grounded for staying out late, I get fired for not showing up to work.

I am happy that I will be able to sleep in my own bed tonight though – especially since that means I will get to snuggle with Sorg. Granted, the couple of nights that my cousin’s cat snuck into the guest room gave me a chance to snuggle with her, it really wasn’t the same as being able to curl up in the crook of Sorg’s arm listening to his heartbeat as I drift off to sleep. All the cat had to offer was a motorboat purr and needle-like claws in my arm if I stopped petting her. (Sorg is definitely the better option as far as I’m concerned in that regard. And, I am looking forward to being back home with him and my own pets this evening.)


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