Dinner And Dessert – California Style

Because I didn’t get a chance to write about this, I’m going to write about it now.

The night before we left California, I cooked dinner for my aunt and cousins. We had a houseful.

Everyone sees the yummy baked goods I post up on Facebook. But, because of the distance, it’s not like they can actually have any of them.

Of course I couldn’t just invite everyone over for baked goods, so I tossed in some dinner. Dinner, for those interested, was pineapple glazed chicken breast stir-fry with rice. Nothing too extravagant, but it served its purpose, and everyone was happy about it.

After dinner is where the fun came in. We all know I love to bake. And, I love to have fun while baking. I decided to throw together a red wine cupcake with a dark chocolate garnish.

Red Wine Cupcakes

Red Wine Cupcakes


That would be red wine in the cupcake itself, a red wine icing, and a dark chocolate square to top it all off. Yes. The alcohol baked off in the cupcakes – but, not in the frosting. And, the icing was apparently tasty enough that my mother and aunt were taking the extra squares of dark chocolate and eating them with some of the icing.

(This was obviously a fill-in post, because I know tomorrow’s going to to be a fun day at the office after being out for two weeks. And, booze always helps with stress, right?)


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