A Very Productive Saturday Night

So, tonight has been a super productive night for me.

This is the first wrestling show I’ve been to since after Christmas.  I did my thing.  I set up my DVD table.  I hooked up the video feed.  I worked hard to sell those DVDs.  And, I was tossed in a surprise to the extent that IWC added a run of t-shirts that I was asked to sell too.  But, I was all over it!  (Except for a slight snafu with the Square register app.)

The best thing about my night is that I swapped up our tech set-up for the night.  In lieu of hooking up a DVD for play through my laptop, we set up a video loop on Sorg’s iPad.  With my computer freed up, I was able to work on developing a new website for a project my mom is working on.

The downside to my productive evening is that I really didn’t get much opportunity to watch the show.  On the plus side, I packed as much into my shortened time given the upcoming daylight savings time swap-up to occur early tomorrow morning.

With regard to the new website, I’ll be sure to talk about it more once I get some of the kinks worked out.  For now, I’m going to wrap up what I’m working on here so I can go ahead and wrap up for our post-show Denny’s run!


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